Lesson Two: 1 Day in Prince Edward Island

North Rustico Harbour
One of the many viewpoints in Cavendish National Park: the North Rustico Harbour

Even though we only had a day here, it was one of my favourite spots on this trip. The places we wanted to see were all a decent drive away from each other, and we also had one of our best meals here.

1 Day Plan

We focused our time in central Prince Edward Island so that we can spend relatively less time driving. Not much to it, but here is our schedule:

Date City Morning Afternoon Evening
Jul 28 Charlottetown 6:30am ferry to PEI
Walked around Charlottetown
PEI National Park, Cavendish Shores, and Darnley Red Cliffs Charlottetown walking tour
Dinner at Water Prince Shop

Downtown Charlottetown
: one of my favourite towns in the Maritimes! Everything is within walking distance, and there are three walking routes for tourists to follow during their stroll. Grab a map from the visitor center (178 Water St.), or follow the Red, Green or Yellow guidelines painted on the sidewalks. We spent half a day wandering around town.

Brackley-Dalvay National Park: from downtown Charlottetown, we drove straight to this nice pocket of lighthouses and red sand beaches. Admission to the park cost around $8 per person, which can be paid at the ticket booth as you enter the national park. This is a great spot if you want to stay away from crowds, but if you have to choose between Brackley-Dalvay or Cavendish National Park, I would suggest the latter.

Cavendish National Park: admission for the Cavendish National Park is calculated separately from the Brackley-Dalvay National Park. As a tourist, I would suggest dedicating your time to Cavendish National Park. There is a great mix of things to see here:

  • North Rustico Harbour is a quaint fishing town with restaurants and kayak rentals
  • Orby Head is a great viewpoint for pictures
  • Cavendish Beach is a perfect red sand beach for wading in the ocean

Darnley Red Cliffs: a red sand beach with the breathtaking Tea Pot Rocks. It took us around 45 minutes to drive from Cavendish Beach to Darnley Beach. There was very little signage leading to the Tea Pot Rock, so it took some time to find. If Hopewell Rocks is in your plan, then I would be comfortable suggesting to skip this attraction.

Water Prince Shop: If you are looking for a traditional lobster dinner, this is the place to go. They even come with the lobster bib! Fresh and great tasting seafood. We arrived before 6pm on a Thursday night, but we still had to wait around 1 hour for a table. Definitely worth it though!

Water Prince Shop.jpg
Our best dinner on this trip: lobster dinner at Water Prince Shop

Money Matters

Gas: $48

Accommodations: $70

Food: $125

Admission: $20

TOTAL: $263


Darnley Red Cliffs.jpg
Searching for the Tea Pot Rocks along Darnley Red Cliffs

Transportation: to and from Prince Edward Island

We caught the ferry from Pictou, Nova Scotia to Belle River, Prince Edward Island. After spending a day there, we left the island through the Confederation Bridge. Since they only charge you upon leaving the island, we paid $40 at the bridge tollbooth, as opposed to $120 if we were to pay the ferry.


Confederation Bridge
Taking a last look at the Confederation Bridge before heading over to New Brunswick


If I were to plan this trip again, I would allocate an extra day or two on Prince Edward Island. I thoroughly enjoyed my time here, and I found so many locations where I just wanted to lay down and soak up the sun (think, the red sandy beaches of Cavendish).

To New Brunswick I go! You can reach more about it here Lesson Three: 2 Days in New Brunswick.

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